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1xBet is home to competitive online gambling. From football to casino betting 1 x Bet, one has unlimited choices to make regarding gambling. For new gamers who want to learn how to bet on cricket games, read this 1xbet cricket review to get started.

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Getting started

Both experienced and inexperienced are allowed to play on the site. Regardless of where you may be playing from, you will find it convenient to play on 1xBet online cricket. Here is how to start playing on the site:

cricket x bet

  •  Launch the website from any of the compatible devices you are using;
  • When you land on the page, navigate to the “Sports” section from the main menu to see available games;
  • Tap “Cricket” when the list of games pops up, and select if you want to bet on a tournament or match;
  • Select your preferred market options by clicking on the associated odds;
  • Input the amount you want to stake;
  • Place your bet to access potential return on your bets.

How to register on 1 x Bet: 4 ways

Bonus for new users

There is a staggering welcome bonus for every new user on the cricket 1xbet site, up to €130 ($143). However, new users are required to meet the first deposit minimum requirement capped at €0.82/$0.90. This offer is a one-time offer, and users get it in their accounts immediately after completing the deposit. The offer is usable on 1xbet cricket games. Withdrawing the bonus requires five times wagering within the first-month gamers are credited.

Live Gaming

1xbet cricket review: how to bet on cricket

There is 1xbet live cricket match betting for players globally. This works by allowing you to stake on live events in real-time. However, the live odds are adjusted with time, with the odds available to players to bet on. On a lucky day, gamers can make huge profits on these live events as they bet on the fluctuating odds. The 1xbet cricket live score provides gamers with the latest information on a particular event to bet on.


App to place bets

One of the incredible ways the site allows users to enjoy its services is through the 1xbet cricket betting app download. You can get the site’s app on your mobile devices and launch it to access excellent betting events. The friendly mobile app is designed to function optimally with few lapses.

Installing the 1xbet app live cricket provides an ultimate gaming experience to experienced and new users. The 1xbet app is available for devices on the market, including iOS and Android. For Android users, the 1xbet live cricket app download is available on the site. iOS users must see their AppStore page to complete the 1xbet cricket app download.

Rules of playing the game

Like all other games on gambling sites, there are rules guiding 1xbet cricket games. 1xbet rules of cricket are simple to play by. Making profits with these games on the site demands that gamers live by the rules and follow them keenly. The following 1xbet cricket betting rules will guide you to win.

Bets settlement

There is a “bet slip sale” at the cricket section. Here, gamers can sell their bet slip if they are not patient anymore for 1xbet to settle their bets.

Real-time match bet editing

The site restricts players from editing or deleting any bet they play in the live section.

Shortened match

If a test match is shortened by 1 to 20 overs or 1 to 5 overs for a T20 match in a cricket x bet match, the site will settle using the outcome. Should the match be shortened by 21 overs and more for a T20 match, the site will refund the bets. However, the site will not refund for markets that have been decided.

Incomplete match

Your bets will be settled at odds of 1 if there is an interruption and the match is suspended.

Draw matches

If you have a draw outcome on your bet without getting any bet for this result, the site will count any tiebreaker.

Types of bet on the site

There are many 1xbet prediction cricket matches to bet on. Some famous gambling types include winner, draw no bet, to win the toss, completed match, and tied match:

  • Famous tournaments to bet on. 1xbet offers a huge collection of gambling choices on competitive tournaments. The site lets you bet on domestic and foreign leagues, tournaments, and more. If you know or want to learn how to play 1xbet cricket, there are top popular tournaments you can bet on. Some of these famous tournaments include

how to bet on 1xbet cricket? cricket x bet

  • World cup. This is unarguably the most famous among other tournaments you will find on the website. The tournament takes place every four years, with different countries having their representatives.
  • Ashes test series. This is a test tournament where two powerful countries go against each other. This tournament takes place every two years, and it is regarded as the oldest among other tournaments you will find in 1xbet cricket games.
  • Asia cup. This is the only continental tournament to bet on. As the name implies, it only takes place between Asian countries, and gamers can always access them on the website to bet on. Other famous tournaments available on 1xbet cricket games include ICC champions, ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, IPL, ODIs, Big Bash in Australia, Global T20 in Canada, Twenty-20, etc.

1xBet cricket betting tips

The best gaming experience requires having useful tips at hand. Understanding these betting tips is important to learn how to bet on 1xbet cricket. These tips help you make necessary betting decisions on different market options.

Study of player statistics: Performance points in cricket 1xbet

1xBet Cricket - how to play 1 x Bet Cricket, bonus, rules, app

Checking players’ statistics is important when executing 1xbet cricket prediction on the site. With this, you can learn about a player’s strengths or weaknesses. You can place a safer bet when you have a handful of information about the player performance in 1xbet cricket team you are putting your money on, including performance points.

Market options such as goals scored, strike rate, wickets, etc, require you to study statistics before you can bank on them. Picking a market option without understanding the 1xbet player performance cricket may affect your expected outcome.

Payment methods

The 1xbet app cricket allows gamers to fund their accounts using different methods. Gamers can fund their account to bet on live games using any of the following methods:

Payment method Minimum deposit (€/$) Deposit Processing Time Minimum withdrawal (€/$) Withdrawal Time Commission
UPI 3.80/4.19 Instant 7.63/8.42 1 hour to 7 days Free
PhonePe 4.36/4.81 Instant 7.63/8.42 1 hour to 7 days Free
RuPay 1/1.10 Instant 7.63/8.42 1 hour to 7 days Free
Instant 6.35/7.01 1 hour to 7 days Free
Skrill 1.80/1.99 Instant 9.04/9.98 1 hour to 7 days Free
Astropay 0.66/0.73 Instant 10.89/12.02 1 hour to 7 days Free
Netbanking 3.27/3.61 Instant 5.44/6.01 1 hour to 7 days Free
Perfect Money 0.60/0.66 Instant 1.14/1.26 1 hour to 7 days Free
BHIM 5.45/6.01 Instant 21.78/24.05 1 hour to 7 days Free
Google Pay 3.80/4.19 Instant 7.62/8.41 1 hour to 7 days Free
Much Better 3.80/4.19 Instant 10.89/12.02 1 hour to 7 days Free
Jeton Wallet 2.18/2.41 Instant 5.45/6.01 1 hour to 7 days Free
EcoPayz 4.63/5.11 Instant 9.04/7.01 1 hour to 7 days Free
Neteller 3.60/3.97 Instant 1.14/1.26 1 hour to 7 days Free
Bank Transfer 10.90/12.03 Instant 16.34/18.04 1 hour to 7 days Free
Crypto (BTC, Ether, Doge) 0.11/0.12 Instant 1.09/1.20 1 hour to 7 days Free


Wagering on 1xbet is usually fun if you understand how it works. One of the primary things you must understand is the 1xbet cricket rules, designed to help you know how bet slips are decided. Although winning is not guaranteed in any sport you wager on, with the 1xbet cricket tips, you stand a better chance of understanding what to pick in your markets. There are many market options, including handicap 2 (0) 1xbet in cricket; therefore, there isn’t any limit to what you can enjoy.


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