Website Rules and Regulations

The site prohibits the use of:

  • Obscene language and obscene expressions in the comments;
  • Offensive and obscene nicknames;
  • Avatars with adult content or degrading and insulting the feelings of other people, nations, religions;
  • Spam;
  • Insults to visitors, insults to the administration, management, and the project as a whole.


Manifestations of ethnic hatred, insulting other participants in the discussion based on nationalism, Nazism, chauvinism, and all this kind of stuff!
All that is prohibited by the legislation is also prohibited.

*For violation of any clause of the rules, the user will get a warning. If the user will ignore warning he will get a temporary ban (the ban period is set individually). For violation of paragraph about “Manifestations of ethnic hatred” the user will get a permanent ban without warning! Let’s respect ourselves and each other!


The minimum age of the audience allowed to visit the website cannot be determined, however, this site contains age-restricted (18+) sections and adult content.

The website is not responsible for your further actions. That means that you have been warned with prior given information!


  • Good mood:)
  • Goodwill;
  • Sociability.